CMP 2014 Workshops and Presenters


Jon Shive - CI, CT, EIPA Level 5 - Click here for Jon's Bio

Kick Start Your Professional Development (.6 PS)

Workshop/Course Description
This workshop with discuss RID’s independent study program for earning CEU’s, creative ways to do independent study and will start you in the process of earning up to 2.0 CEU’s. We will also focus on self-analysis/assessment of your own work.

Educational Objectives
-Understand RID’s purpose and process of earning CEU’s
-Practice writing professional goals and strategies
-Develop a plan, demonstrating comprehension of techniques



David N. Evans, RID CI & CT, NIC Master Click Here for David's Bio

Interpreting Four Culturally-Rich ASL Signs: A Rose by Any Other Name (.4PS)

How often do you say the words deaf, hearing person, deaf school, or oral when interpreting into spoken English? Is it possible the message being delivered is not the same one being received by the English-speaking consumer? Do the signs glossed as deaf, hearing, deaf-school and oral convey the same meanings in ASL as in spoken English? For example, deaf is generally positive in ASL, symbolizing language, identity and pride. By contrast, “deaf” in spoken English is usually understood as meaning disabled or handicapped, something negative. Short of providing a Deaf culture lecture, how do you make these concepts accessible to hearing consumers?

This thought-provoking workshop will delve into four culturally-rich ASL signs, comparing them with their typical spoken English counterparts. Principles behind culturally-rich items will be presented, along with video examples of these four items in context. While not a quick-fix workshop, perceptions that may have been taken for granted will be discussed and you will be challenged to think differently about
your interpreting work.

Topics we will cover
• Examine the different world views Deaf and hearing people have
• Analyze four culturally-rich ASL signs for meaning
• Assess meanings to determine equivalency in spoken English
• View videos of native and fluent Deaf signers for analysis